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Two Levels of Service

Administrative Appeals

I can represent you at the administrative level (Board of Equalization, Hearing Officer or Arbitration). If you have not filed an administrative appeal, I can file it for you. If you have an administrative appeal pending, I can takeover the appeal and handle it in a turnkey matter for you. If I takeover an administrative appeal, I will file an amendment to the appeal making sure that the appeal filed will include all of the permissible grounds for appeal and that can be used to get you the greatest reduction.

Download a sample of our engagement agreement for Administrative Level Appeals

Superior Court Appeals

If you have already been through the administrative appeal level with the county (either a Board of Equalization or Hearing Officer hearing) and the result you achieved was not satisfactory, I can file an appeal for you in the Superior Court and have either a jury or a judge (our choice) decide the fair market value of your property. If you already have a Superior Court appeal pending, I can takeover the appeal for you. If I takeover a Superior Court appeal for you, I will file an Entry of Appearance showing the court that I will be serving as your attorney and I will file the necessary discovery documentation on your behalf.

Download an example of our engagement agreement for Superior Court Appeals

For either service, please send me an email from the form shown below letting me know which service you are interested in and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for contacting me.

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