How To Dollar Average Your Property Taxes

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A lot of us do not realize that filing a property tax appeal is not just for the purpose of trying to get your assessment lower. Of course, most of us would like for our assessments to be lower but there is another, relatively unknown, reason for filing an appeal. Georgia law provides that if a property owner files an appeal and goes through with the appeal to conclusion, the result obtained is frozen for the year appealed plus two more years. This is true, even if you do not get a reduction.

If you get into a habit of

Walter HotzHow To Dollar Average Your Property Taxes

Sweeping Changes in 2015 Property Tax Statutes Will Affect You

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2015 – Sweeping changes made in the real property tax appeal statutes in this year’s legislative session – the changes will materially affect you.

I work closely with the Georgia Senate Finance Committee as an expert on property tax appeal laws – the Finance Committee is the committee in the Senate that originates bills dealing with property tax appeals and reviews any bills regarding property tax appeals that originate in the House.  This year’s legislative session has just ended and it was an exciting time for all property owners in Georgia. This year the massive re-write originated out of the

Walter HotzSweeping Changes in 2015 Property Tax Statutes Will Affect You